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Winters Blanket, Jan 7, 2023

While walking in the early morning, I was compelled to see the world from a new angle. I crouched down until the frozen ground and blanket of snow emerged. The brilliant colors and the intricate detail of snowflakes were now in focus. Winter was no longer a chill that interrupted my walks but a beautiful blanket that covered Mother Earth.

At that moment, I saw a correlation between my actions and my ability to communicate better with others. They say to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, regardless of varying sizes of experiences, and after I slowed down and stopped to crouch, I saw that this was possible. I was offered a new perspective to understand a different point of view. Pausing my routine allowed something new to come into focus, and it will do the same when I am engaging with another.

This is one of the main reasons I love to view the world through my camera lens. I see things my eyes missed the first time. The camera lens is much like my relationships. We look in the same direction but see the situation differently. Neither of us is wrong; it is simply that we have carried experiences to this point, creating differences in perception. What an excellent opportunity to grow by pausing and letting another explain how they came to their decision.

So the next time, I disagree with you. I will take a moment to crouch and see the situation with a new set of eyes. It will make all the difference in the world. Even if we agree to disagree, at least an attempt was made to grow and learn from one another. What a beautiful way to keep our relationship on track and our minds clear of misconceptions.

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