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Whispers of Home, Jan 13, 2023

This house, with its' dilapidated floor sagging under the weight of my broken heart, was once a home. It nestled a family between its bosom and nurtured its dreams.

My shuffle kicks up whispers of dust, but I ignore the secrets it reveals. Its cries echo beneath my feet as the wood groans and the board splinters and snaps.

The window sills are secure with chipped paint, and each pane of intact glass is murky with dirt. Its stories are contained within the unrelenting walls where they will forever remain.

The storms have beat through the open roof, encouraging history to fade. The destruction has left the frame weak and wilted with rot. Just as I am left within my bones. Nothing breathing should have to withstand the torment this place endured.

Where love once grew, bitterness lingers. Light once danced where only shadows now hang.

Pushing the door closed, I am riddled with the desire for another tomorrow. A day that will come, but absent of you.

Originally Published June 27, 2019

Written by Shana Marie Moments

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