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Undeniable Love, May 6, 2023

It was a secret. I was to meet the newly engaged couple in the hills. I was nervous as I prepared for the occasion, for I did not know the couple, and they informed me of their tendency to be shy. It was an obstacle I would overcome because of my desire to capture the perfect engagement photo. After we arrived, it took only a short time for everyone to get lost in the moment and for the couple's undeniable bond to outweigh their shyness. God heard our prayers that day as love covered their expressions each time I took a picture.

Shana Marie

November 7, 2021

Weston, Wyoming

#engagementphotos #pictures #photosession #bluffs #emotions #love #pictures #familyphotos #couplephotos #shanamariemoments #sheridanwyoming #wyomingphotographer #afforadblephotographer #loveovercomes

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