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To See the Light, May 23, 2023

The moon hid behind the mountains and waited patiently as its crescent shape dimmed. Eventually, the valley lit up with stunning colors, signaling the time. As expected, the sun's brilliance captivated everyone's attention, and the moon humbly joined in the awe-inspiring display.

A round sphere sat opposite the moon, balanced high atop a bluff. People emerged from their homes to watch the spectacular event. It was clear that few wanted to miss the show. Unlike when the moon hung in the sky, and people went to bed, this was more like a celebration, and everyone wanted to be a part of it.

Without warning, the moon started feeling a twinge of jealousy, the tiniest bit of envy, and a splash of resentment towards the sun. However, he tried to ignore these feelings by telling himself that it's natural to desire things that others have. As he kept observing the sun, his emotions intensified. He realized that he could never match the sun's grandeur and popularity. The more he compared himself to the sun, the more hopeless he felt until he heard a tiny voice.

A small star in the sky saw the moon's envy and approached it cautiously. The star whispered, "You and the other are complete opposites - like day and night." The moon laughed and thanked the star for making it realize the truth before it ruined their chance at friendship.

Fiction by Shana Marie

a wyoming sunrise full of color
See the Light

May 20, 2023, @ 5:35 AM

Weston, WY

Day 54 of 90 Emotions

#emotion #envy #resentment #jealousy #photography #sunrise #creativewriting #hills #brilliantcolors #ranchlife #outdoors #nature #scenic #landscape

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