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The Unheard Prayer, Feb 11, 2023

You know him as your neighbor, the one with the big ol' grin. You know his generosity when you were all alone again. You know his coming and goings because you watch him from afar. You see how hard he works in the field and cares for his yield, but you wonder about his broken heart. He lost his wife a year ago, but you would never know it, for he never speaks of her and he never shows it. He accepts what the Lord gave him, seeming not to want more, but you never see when he takes a knee and prays behind closed doors.

"Lord, I am a farmer, and I thank you for all I have. The only thing missing is what I want most: my woman back beside me until I am the ghost."

Shana Marie Rocky Point, Wyoming Jan 16, 2021

#cemetary #death #love #tombstone #cowboy #sky #clouds #sunset #cold #outdoors #vertical #oneperson #wyoming #rockypoint #blessings #prayer #poetry

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