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The Ride of a Lifetime, Feb 1, 2023

I was hired by Faith 47 years ago to navigate life as if I were driving a bus, and my experiences haven't always been the most desirable with the passengers. When I alone couldn't get Abuse, Addiction, Divorce, and Unworthiness to leave, my only option was to prosecute them through the Trinity with disorderly conduct.

I found three stole-always, Vengeance, Betrayal, and Dishonesty. And when exposed for who they were, they made empty threats and delayed my course. At first, I believed them and let them bully me, but eventually, Respect, Integrity, and Love witnessed what was happening and came to my rescue.

Many passengers consumed my attention, causing me to ignore my GPS. My ignorance would lead me to detours, detainment, and suffer injury.

I chose to buckle down, navigate with a purpose, and focus on passengers begging to sit up front. I offered Faith, Success, and Humor a front seat. I gave free rides to Bravery, Joy, Humbleness, and Self Esteem. I offered Vision a job helping me navigate the roads that Faith assigned. And laughter got the seat of their choice.

As the years passed, Faith offered me a benefits package to include fuel from God's grace, security from the Holy Ghost, and days off while Jesus took the wheel. Since the promotion, Salvation, Mercy, and Forgiveness, were added to my team, I admit the extra security made this ride one of a lifetime.

Written by Shana Marie @shanamariemoments "Be strong because Brave is the new beautiful!"

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