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The Final Prayer, Jan 16, 2023

We kissed your forehead, took a deep breath, and sealed your memory. We each pried our fingers from yours, untangling our unwillingness to leave the warmth of your hand.

We took turns sitting next to your love and absorbing the grief. We knew it was where you wanted us to be. We offered our sentiments, unknowing how to console the pain; instead, we sat quietly and witnessed it. We embraced their shoulders, wiped away their tears, and acknowledged that those left behind were sentenced to experience the longest discomfort.

A blanket of sorrow wrapped around us, knowing today we gathered as a family for the last time.

One by one, we began the march of final goodbyes, holding your hand, pressing our lips upon your skin, and reluctantly giving you the courage to let us go.

When the line became a circle, and you were surrounded by all, we held hands bowing our heads and whispered our final prayer, "You can go and be in the arms of Jesus. How jealous are we!"

In Loving Memory of Walter R. Orum (1945 - 2019)

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