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Starving Soul, Feb 17, 2023

My soul starves for genuine connection, and I am willing to tear down walls to reveal raw, unedited emotions to find it. Will my courage to show you my tears, laughter, and pains be enough to encourage trust?

What I am not willing to do is draw definitive lines that will lead us down a path of disappointment. Instead, I will encourage golden moments to be seized and missed opportunities to be avoided.

The authenticity I am searching for will be harbored in a like-minded soul, but I am open. Judgment has no place here. Come as you are. I only ask for us to remain vulnerable, transparent, and courageous to be who we are in each other's presence.

I remain hopeful with an alert mind, a secure heart, and much faith because I am convinced others are searching for fellowship to feed their starving souls.

Shana Marie Weston, Wyoming April 3, 2021

#cow #cattle #herd #ranch #prairie #farm #grassland #black #white #colorsplash #wyoming #photography #photooftheday

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