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Self-Love, Jan 30, 2023

I was skipping through the garden when I found a hole. I leaned down and peered inside, hoping to catch a glimpse of a rabbit when I fell through. I landed on the hard ground with a thud, and everything went pitch black. I began calling for help, but no one came. It hadn’t seemed like a far tumble, but I couldn’t even see the light from the opening. Sobbing, I blindly felt the walls for a way out.

Suddenly, I knew I wasn’t alone as one by one, tiny twinkle lights of all shapes and colors appeared as the little fairy’s poked their heads out of small crevasses. I had landed in the middle of a fairy tale!

I had read about such places but always thought they were make-believe until now. Before long, my tears turned into laughter as the fairies twirled me around and around. As we danced, the fairies sprinkled my hair with glitter and painted my clothes with rainbow stripes. My skin was luminous, and I had never felt more beautiful and less alone.

Feeling poised, confident, and simply fabulous, I danced about the cave. When I turned to thank the fairies for their gift of self-confidence, I was standing in my room in front of my mirror. Where a shy girl once stood now stands a young woman beaming with dignity and a smile decorating her lips.

I twirled around and around, but the fairies were long gone. All that remained was a trail of glitter that stretched from my feet to the windowsill. I bent down in front of the window pane, resting my chin upon my hands. I smiled as I remembered the tribe that lived in a garden of glitter and taught me about self-love, and allowed me to dream dreams only little girls can.

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