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Rocky Butte School, Feb 6, 2023

Giggles are often heard by those who walk these halls and the rustle of paper ricochets off the walls. The floor boards are worthy and the roof stands tall but the boiler sits empty not to be used at all. The doors are missing and the windows frames are bare from this place of learning where children came to share. The chalkboards remain dirty from the dust that blows but no less tempting to write upon in rows. I am certain this old school has a story to tell for you could hear it whining as it tried to tell its tale. But since that will never happen and one day it will be no more I am here to photograph is beauty and share it’s existence forevermore.

Written by Shana Marie Credit: Shana Marie Moments Photography Date: Feb 3, 2023 Camera: iPhone 14 Pro Max

#school #house #abandonedbuilding #montana #abandonedphotography #photography

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