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Phone Home, May 18, 2023

Alyssa's feet burned from the hot sidewalks as she approached the phone booth, feeling ashamed of the conversation she was about to have. Her hands trembled as she struggled to stand up straight and retrieve wrappers, receipts, and quarters from her pocket. She hadn't had a hit in days, and the withdrawal signs were particularly harsh today. Alyssa dumped the papers on the floor and focused on inserting the change into the coin slot. She hadn't spoken to her family in over a year and wasn't sure if they even cared. Still, she had to try because the only certainty in her life was that the disgrace of calling her parents was better than the possibility of dying on the streets.

The phone rang, and Alyssa heard her little sister's voice when it stopped. Alyssa's voice broke as she wept, and all she could hear was, "Alyssa? Mom! Dad! I think it's Alyssa! Alyssa? Come home! Please, come home!"

Shana Marie Moments Photography

May 16, 2021

Somewhere in Kansas

#emotion #90daychallenge #shame #photography #creativewriting #phonebooth #antique #clouds #sky #town #kansas #landscape #sidewalk #hotday #addiction #death #ruralarea #urbandecay #photooftheday

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