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Old Friend, Feb 2, 2023

Welcome, old friend, come on in.

I haven’t much time, but I’ve got time for you.

Rest your weary bones and sit a while.

I’ll put a kettle on and get the tea; you take the time to tell a story.

I reckon the last time I saw you was in 1923.

The snow had settled, and I was turning eight.

Sure it was; I remember that date like it was yesterday.

You showed up and took my pa away.

I grew up fast because of your old ways and never really had a childhood per se.

Ma needed my help on the farm and then walked away with a broken heart.

Well, enough about me, tell me about you.

Your visit is no surprise.

You told me to look for you when I turned ninety-three.

Have you seen Ma? How was she?

I sure do miss her smile and crooked teeth.

You know what, let’s forgo the story and skip the tea. You got a schedule to keep.

Written by Shana Marie “Never surrender yourself for gain the world.”

#abandoned #homestead #wyomingphotography #photography #outdoors #vertical #nopeople #tranquil #localphotographer #house #architecture #old #Day #grass #prairie #nature #woodstructure

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