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Obstacles, Jan 5, 2023

The world presents obstacles keeping us from obtaining our dreams and achieving our goals. I set out to explore the LX Bar Ranch, and I was met with an obstacle; the ice on the Powder River kept me from my adventures. Much like the ice on the river, life presents barriers keeping us from accomplishing our dreams and only allowing us to admire others' progress from a safe distance.

But what would happen if we overcome our fears? And more importantly, what would we conquer if we came up with an alternate plan and didn't allow our fears or discouragements to get in the way?

Today, we make a pact that we turn pressing, current obstacles into a simple to-do list. The list would consist of what we need to learn, the tasks we need to perform, and who we need to convince to achieve our goal.

We can't let obstacles become excuses that keep us from achieving our dreams because the regret is unbearable. But then the question becomes, what if our obstacles are our fears holding us back? In some scenarios, they are for me.

Obstacles be damned. You wait; I plan to return to the Powder River with the permission required to cross the river and have an adventure worth remembering. Sink or swim, they say; in this case, it literally is the case.

Written by Shana Marie

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