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Not Alone, Feb 18, 2023

I imagined the trees were alive as I zig-zagged my way through their trunks. Their branches stretched high overhead, unaware of my presence. They were eager to bask in the sun that began to peek through the foliage. I, too, was keen to feel its' warmth upon my face as it whispered hello.

The shadows began to lift from the forest's depths, revealing the lush colors of Mother Earth. The road wound into the dense forest, and I followed its lead as if it were an old friend. The quiet took over, and all I could hear was the gravel crunch under my boots. No birds were singing, and there were no signs of any creatures scurrying from one limb to another; however, I knew I was not alone.

I sensed the omnipresence of something or someone, and I began to weep. The chilly morning air against the tears that covered my cheeks brought me back to a conscious state of mind, for I had soared far into my unconsciousness and found those who had passed on and spent a few precious moments with them, reminiscing about days gone by.

Written by Shana Marie

Somewhere in Montana

May 7, 2022

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