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Nooooo, March 29, 2023

With maturity comes unattainable reminders to live in a constant state of happiness; instead, let the message be to find comfort in all emotions, including being humbled, anxious, guilty, fearful, embarrassed, and angry, for these, too, are emotions felt by someone living an ideal life.

When we attempt to live in a constant state of happiness, we become stuck by trying to be available for everyone and everything, but when we say yes to everyone and everything, we say no to more important things. So we begin searching for the answer to help us manage it all when the solution is to stop caring about everyone and everything and start focusing on what matters most to our loved ones and us.

We can't be everywhere at once, only God can do that, but we can be where we should be if we dare to say “nooooo” when we need to. And remember, saying no doesn't make you powerless; it makes you tenacious.

Shana Marie

Weston, Wyoming June 11, 2022

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