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Let Your Light Shine, Jan 12, 2023

I photographed the sunrise last summer and admired the beauty of the sun's rays bouncing off the clouds. They presented an illusion of another layer of mountains or the misconception that the street light was illuminating Sheridan. I knew the title of the photograph, Let Your Light Shine.

I pondered the photograph for days and considered how light travels faster than sound, not requiring a medium to travel as sound does. And I finally understood that no words need to be spoken for others to understand my intent. I need only to allow my inner light to shine and reach the masses to affect lives positively.

I am encouraged to let my light shine by seizing opportunities to warm conversations, bring clarity to situations, or brighten paths. Strangers are coming to know me by the fruit of my labor, and I am empowered to be more and do more. I intend to use my power for good. Indeed anything outside of that would be considered a threat, for the light within is more robust than any word ever spoken.

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