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I Come from the Land; I Wish You Would, Feb 16, 2023

(As a Violence Awareness Committee member, I dedicate this to all victims or survivors of abuse.)

The truth is when you open your filthy mouth, trash spills out, and behind closed doors, your hands are weapons. Your tongue is a sword, and I cannot keep the unforgivable things you do in the dark to wreak hearts a secret any longer. You are physically stronger than me but have gravely underestimated my resources.

I am a warrior prepared to survive and win this battle. My strength comes from the armor I wear, and it starts with wrapping the belt of truth around my waist every day. I stand ready with the breastplate of righteousness draped from my shoulders and fit my feet into the gospel of peace to endure. My shield is my faith, and my helmet is my salvation. And if I fail to cover myself for any reason, I know I will triumph with the sword of the Spirit through my prayers because vengeance is not mine.

But I warn you. Please do not mistake my faith for weakness, for it gives me the courage to take a stand and speak out against the abuse. I am not a doormat, punching bag, or enslaved person. My purpose is not to serve you but to save myself and others if necessary. And if you don't believe me, try me. Because I promise you, I come from a land where my supporters and I wish you would.

Shana Marie Weston, Wyoming March 13, 2021

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