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Don't Tell Me; Show Me, Feb 15, 2023

Don't tell me you are fine. Show me you are risking everything to acquire everything you ever wanted and firmly believe it will be yours one day. Show me you have the cure for sadness, and that anxiety doesn't stand a chance against the profound happiness you are experiencing.

I want to witness how joy has filled you so completely and how your resolve to help others is your first choice. I want you to reveal the gold that mends your heart's brokenness and for you to allow me to share the light that fills mine.

Don't tell me how much you miss me. Show me by choosing my home as your destination. Make me a priority as I once did you, and place hope in my heart that you have not forgotten everything I taught you. It is okay to surprise me, for I can assure you the blessing of having you in my presence will be no less sweet but pretend not to notice when I look directly into your eyes and see what only a parent can know.

When you arrive, allow me to lose my composure, as I will unconsciously treat you as if you were a child, and it will take all my strength to refrain from suffocating you with the love I feel for you. Ultimately, I will settle for an embrace, recognizing you as an adult, but it will not stop me from taking in your sweet aroma and whispering thanks under my breath for the opportunity to cradle you in my arms.

Don't tell me you are okay alone. Show me that you sit in peace with yourself and are genuinely content in the quiet. Otherwise, show me how you pray for your heart to be whole and the map of all the places you have searched. Sit with me as I listen to you describe all you long for and all you are willing to give in return.

Later that evening, don't mind the whispers that stream from my room when the lights are out and the quiet spills over the day. Those familiar sounds will remain in this house as long as you call me Mom.

Written by Shana Marie

Weston, Wyoming

March 14, 2021

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