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Digging Deep, April 22, 2023

When considering the word of the day, comparative suffering, I decided it best fit this photograph I took in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I love to write a fictional tale combining the photo and word of the day; today, the combination compelled me to write the following:

Sitting my only possession down on the ground, I wrapped my foot around it, protecting the contents. I didn't have much, but I wasn't about to let what I had get away from me. I held my head high; times were tough, but I managed to secure a job and a bed, keeping me off the streets. I looked around at the faces that lined the shadows and felt grateful for the roof over my head and the loose change in my pocket. I swallowed the notion of crying, picked up my pouch, and headed to my little piece of the word I called home.

As I turned away from the homeless camp, a young teenage boy tapped me on my shoulder and asked if I could spare some change. I dug deep in my pocket and pulled out the tip money I had earned that morning. I handed it over to him as if I were the wealthiest person in the world. It caused me to feel good to be able to help another in need knowing there was more where that came from.

✍️ Shana Marie

📸 October 3, 2021

📍Grand Rapids, Michigan

🗓 Day 23 of 90 Emotions

#homeless #compartivesuffering #emotions #creativewriting #outdoors #city #reciner #underpass #camp #nopeople #photograph

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