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Change, Jan 6, 2023

National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day, Cuddle Up Day, Bean Day

It is that time again, the time for a change. It is time to box up the decorations and prepare for a new year. For some, they are overcome by relief, and for others, a sense of sadness creeps in, coloring emotions of disappointment. But that is life. Change is inevitable, and it creates strong feelings in everyone.

I love change. In many ways, I require it, or I become stifled. I love to say I possess an imaginary set of red running shoes for the "sole" (pun intended) purpose of running towards new adventures. I enjoy meeting interesting people, seeing different places, and experiencing new things. All of that is great; the part I need to become mindful of is when and why.

In the past, every time I laced up my red running shoes, I left behind a broken heart. It has taken me 47 years to admit my desire for change had consequences. And even though I like who I am today and it took having the experiences I have had to shape the person I am, I have no desire to continue as I have been. Instead, I desire to change the course.

I have no plans to retire from my red running shoes; instead, I plan to give them a new purpose for the next 47 years. Instead of running away from the problem, I will run toward it. I will be mindful of where, when, and why I am running so that when I arrive at my destination, I will have a story of triumphs to share with those I love.

Change is inevitable, be sure to embrace every moment.

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