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Born Brave Enough, April 20, 2023

Sharing my love for photography and the literary arts gives me great pleasure. My photographs inspire me to share a story, but the stories are only sometimes reality. They are often stories hidden inside my heart that I breathe life into to inspire and find connection with others. Today's post is about admiration. I hope you will enjoy and be able to relate to my words.

Born Brave Enough, April 20, 2023

I watched the man with his hands tucked away in his pockets as he stood undisturbed, looking out across the tombstones. I wondered if he felt like he looked; cold and gray, like a statue. Undoubtedly, I knew this man understood sacrifice. His unwavering stance and absence of expression led me to believe that he was a Veteran, here not to mourn a loss but to pay his respects. I captured the moment and quietly laid down my camera. I placed my hand over my heart and bowed my head. I whispered a prayer for this man and those I never knew that fought a war I will never fight. I was humbled but admired those born brave enough to be soldiers and willing to pay the ultimate price for freedom.

✍️ Shana Marie

📸 January 31, 2021

📍 Black Hills National Cemetery

🗓 Day 21 of 90 Emotions

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