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Betrayals to Blessings, May 1, 2023

Erika stood inside the old, worn-out phone booth outside the bar with her head tilted back, wondering who she could call; after all, her only friend had driven off with her man leaving her in the middle of nowhere. She eagerly wiped the tears away. Their betrayal was a blessing. Lucy had done her a favor by going with Kevin. At least now she knew the truth and could move on, but first, she had to figure out who would be willing to help her.

When she scanned her purse for change, Erika only found two gum wrappers and a nail file. She groaned aloud as everything she owned was in her duffle bag that most likely supported Lucy's and Kevin's heads in the backseat of the car. She hit and fell back against the glass at the same time. Rubbing her knuckles and glaring up at the phone, Erika crossed her fingers, picked up the phone, and listened for the dial tone. She smiled and pressed 0 for the operator. At this point, her only hope was her parents would understand why she betrayed them and find it a blessing to receive a collect call from their deceased daughter, Erika.

Author & Photography by Shana Marie

Spotted Horse, Wyoming

April 29, 2023

Day 32 of 90 Emotions

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