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Beautifully Unique, Feb 12, 2023

From the start, you came into this world chosen for this part. You needed no instructions, only love and introductions. You took it from there and began creating your shell. Many asked why, and you replied you wished to die. What a shock it was to all. We couldn’t believe you had the gall to undermine your birth and why you were put on the earth. Your purpose was to shine, but you chose to sit on the sideline. It’s disappointing that someone so unique lets the world cause you to feel like a freak. I pray that one day you will embrace the way you were created to be because you are beautifully unique to me.

Shana Marie Gillette, Wyoming May 21, 2021

#clouds #sky #fantasy #wyoming #cloud #swirls #nopeople #horizontal #storm #photography

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