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Attracted to What Others Avoid, May 12, 2023

I'm fascinated by alleys, even though most people avoid them. I'm drawn to the graffiti and the mystery they hold. I often wonder who might be lurking in the shadows and what secrets they might be hiding. I love how the shop lights illuminate the road residue, leftover food, and oil stains. The smell could be better, but I find the stench oddly appealing. The sounds of the city reverberate off the walls, creating an echo that I can hear for miles. I only wish my photographs could capture all five senses. There's so much to explore in the alleys of a bustling city that often goes unnoticed.

Shana Marie

May 16, 2021

Denver, Colorado

Day 43 of 90 Emotions

#citystreets #alleys #stench #appeal #lights #color #photography #creativewriting #happyplace #photooftheday

#emotions #challenge #denver #colorado #localphotographer

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