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Agitation, April 1, 2023

Updated: Nov 9

What is agitation, and what do we witness in ourselves and others when feeling agitated?

In the distance, a herd of cows grazed peacefully, basking in the tranquility of the realm. Yet, a sudden blast of a horn broke the serenity, triggering Pavlov's signal for the cows to move towards their reward. But even as the cows perceived the sound as a harbinger of sweet cake, some chose to voice their discomfort, murmuring and complaining, causing the herd to grow agitated. This phenomenon echoes through the ages, for humans too, are prone to such behavior. Stirring up passions on social media, we seek validation through the approval of others, even if it comes at the cost of agitation. Misery, it seems, loves company.

But lo! Let us not be slaves to our discontent. When the ice cream truck jingles its tune, let us embrace the joys of life with enthusiasm, skipping towards the sweet delights it offers. For in our joy, we may inspire others to join, spreading the magic of positivity. Let us not be sedentary spectators of life, waiting on the approval of others to validate our worth. Instead, let us savor the sweetness of the moment and revel in the enchantment of life.

Shana Marie

Weston, Wyoming

April 3, 2021

Day 2 of 90

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