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A Bridge to Cross, Jan 15, 2023

I was driving early in the morning when I saw two men wearing reflective clothing crossing a bridge. As I approached them, I noticed a third gentleman, and he was the closest to the center line. I slowed my pickup to a crawl, rolled down my window, and offered a gift of observation.

I said, "Good Morning. I wanted to inform you I can only see two of you and am concerned other motorists will not be able to see the gentleman in the middle of the road."

The man with no reflective gear replied with his ego that he had it all figured out. His stern delivery caused me to swallow hard, blush, and coax the butterflies in my tummy to settle. I rolled my window up, wishing I had never brought attention to the fact that he was a sitting duck as I drove away.

I knew my reaction was harsh, but the man's hateful response to my genuine concern was unnecessary. My intent was not to shame or embarrass him but to offer him a gift; even if he had it all figured out, he was still a sitting duck with a bridge to cross.

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